how to unlock all vehicles in beach buggy racing

How To Unlock All Vehicles and Characters in Beach Buggy Racing?

Beach buggy racing, a popular racing game, has been downloaded by 60 million players worldwide and is still growing. Its uniqueness in every aspect, like, HD Graphics, vehicles and racing tracks, power-ups, quality sound systems, etc., makes it so popular worldwide.

Some quality features in beach buggy racing are becoming the main reason for its popularity. One of the key features of its attraction is the wide selection of vehicles and characters. This article will explore tips for unlocking all high-performance vehicles and top-quality characters in bb racing.

Additional Information

Game TitleBeach Buggy Racing APK
DeveloperVector Unit
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, diamonds & Unlocked all
PriceFree Purchase
Latest Version2024.01.04
ModeDual Modes
System Requirements6.0 and Above

Famous ways of how to unlock all vehicles and characters

Here are some of the best ways to unlock vehicles and characters:

  • Earning coins
  • Use of keys
  • Increase in levels
  • Purchase and upgrade vehicles
  • Join special events
  • Selection of best vehicles

Earning Coins

The first and most common procedure of unlocking new vehicles and characters is by earning coins. You can earn coins after completing and finishing different races, tournaments, championships, etc. The more you earn coins, the higher your chances of unlocking new cars, trucks, and characters.

Use of Keys

Another way you can unlock new vehicles and characters is by using keys in the game. You can earn these keys by completing different levels and races or watching game ads. Once you’ve enough keys, you can move forward to unlock cars and drivers.

Increase in levels

You can unlock cars and drivers when you pass the initial levels and go to advance levels. Because these vehicles are visible only on such advanced levels, you don’t avail them at the very start of levels. So, the more you play the game to reach advanced levels, the higher your chances of enjoying high-performance vehicles.

Purchase and upgrade vehicles

One of the simple and easy processes to enjoy different vehicles and characters is to purchase and upgrade vehicles. You can use in-game currency to purchase and boost new vehicles and characters. If you don’t have sufficient in-game currency, you can purchase this using real money, from the game’s developers.

Join special events

Some vehicles and characters are available only in special events and tournaments. You’ve to stick and keep an eye on these events and updates of the game. These events can be a great source for you to unlock vehicles and characters.

Selection of the best vehicles

Regarding the best cars and trucks, it depends upon your gameplay and the tracks you want. You can select these cars and trucks according to your choice. Some cars are good for racing, some for control, and some for power racing. So, play with these vehicles and trucks according to your choice.

how to unlock all vehicles in beach buggy racing

What is the best car and character in Beach Buggy Racing?

BB Racing has a variety of cars and characters; you can select them according to your choice. The list of cars and characters is given below:

List of Cars

  • Beach Buggy
  • Rally Pro
  • Lightning
  • Lunar Lover
  • Rock Stomper
  • Grim Rod
  • Lambini
  • Dune Jumper

List of Drivers

  • Beach Bro
  • Roxie Rollar
  • Lightning
  • Rez
  • Mcskelly
  • Disco Jimmy
  • B’Zorp
  • Oog-Oog
  • Benny
  • El Zipo
  • Leliani

Final Words

Beach Buggy Racing is full of different varieties of vehicles and characters. If you want to access some new and advanced vehicles, you can do this through different procedures. There are many procedures like earning coins, using keys, upgrading vehicles, increasing levels, joining special events, etc. Play the game and enjoy the fun!


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BB racing was released on Sep. 16,2014.

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