Beach Buggy Blitz APK

Beach Buggy Racing Blitz APK v1.5 (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

Game TitleBeach Buggy Racing Blitz
DeveloperVector Unit
Size81 MB
PriceFree Purchase, Unlimited Money
Latest Version1.5
System RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and Up

About Beach Buggy Racing Blitz

Beach Buggy Racing Blitz, a famous kart racing game, is available for Android and iPhone devices and PC. BB Racing has a very rich gaming experience. It has many dazzling themes, stunning racing tracks, various vehicles, HD graphics, gorgeous power-ups, multiplayer mode, and much more to engage your attention.

Now, Vector Unit, a developer of Beach Buggy Racing, has released the premium version of BB Racing called Beach Buggy Racing Blitz. This version has many features that are absent in BB Racing. This article will explain how BB Racing Blitz differentiates from Beach Buggy Racing.

beach buggy racing premium version

Features of Beach Buggy Racing Blitz

BB Racing has a lot of upgraded and additional key features that are listed below:

  • No Ads
  • Upgraded Vehicles
  • Additional Racing Tracks
  • Upgraded Power-ups
  • Incredible Physics
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Vibrant Graphics

No Ads

The key element of this game is you don’t have to watch any ads because this is a paid version. You can enjoy the game with full entertainment without any troubles created by ads. On the other hand, in the free version, you’ve to watch ads to purchase or upgrade anything in the game. That’s why players love the premium version.

Upgraded Vehicles

Another sound feature of the premium version is you’ve all vehicles fully upgraded and boosted. You don’t need to use more money to purchase these vehicles. While in the free version, you find this feature only in the app-purchase option. It’s used to save a lot of money for a player.

Beach Buggy Blitz

Additional Racing Tracks

In this Blitz version, you’ll find some additional upgraded racing tracks. These tracks aren’t provided in the free version. These tracks are more challenging and interesting to play. These tracks enhance the player’s engagement in the game.

Multiplayer Mode

This version allows you to play against your friends and other players all over the globe. This version offers a chance to compete against real humans in the game. It’s a brilliant feature. It creates more enjoyment and entertainment in the game.

Vibrant Graphics

In terms of HD graphics, both BB Racing and BB Racing Blitz have top-class colorful graphics. In both games, the graphics are highly beautiful and catches your attention. Vibrant themes add more charm to these games. Many rainy, foggy, night, snow, and fire features make these games more appealing and attractive.

Final Verdict

Beach Buggy Racing and Beach Buggy Racing Blitz are two games created by the same developer. BB Racing Blitz is an advanced version of BB Racing. BB Racing Blitz is a choice for those players who want additional and upgraded features in their game. BB Racing Blitz adds more richer gaming experience.

Beach Buggy Blitz includes upgraded cars and tracks, power-ups, ads-free features, HD graphics, and more. Players love this version a lot because it saves a lot of money. You don’t need to spend more money on app purchases as in the free version.


BB Racing Blitz is a paid version and isn’t free. You need to purchase it to play.

To download this game officially, you should visit the Vector Unit website.

Yes, you can play this game with your friends and other humans across the globe.

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