beach buggy racing vs beach buggy blitz

Beach Buggy Racing vs Beach Buggy Blitz

Additional Information

FeaturesBeach Buggy RacingBeach Buggy Blitz
DeveloperVector UnitVector Unit
Size99 MB150 MB
ModeDual ModesDual Modes
System Requirements6.0 and Above5.0 and above

Beach Buggy Racing and Beach Buggy Blitz are games developed by the same developer, Vector Unit. These are popular racing games worldwide, downloaded by over 100 million players. BB racing was released on September 16, 2014, while BB Blitz was released in 2014.

Beach Buggies have gained much fame in the course of past few years. With the rise in its popularity, it comes with many trends. These games have many unique qualities and skills that force you to spend more time in them without getting bored. These games are for users of all skills and all levels.

Beach Buggy Racing Screen

Differences of Beach Buggy Racing vs Beach Buggy Blitz

As both games are worth having unique qualities in them, there are some differences between them. The key differences between these games are listed as follows:

  • Competition level
  • Level of customization
  • Level of skills
  • Safety aspects
  • Fun and adventures

Competition Level

Beach Buggy Racing is a very competitive and challenging game. Tracks are designed so challenging. You find your competitors tough to win the race from them. You find all the vehicles modified to advanced levels. These vehicles come with powerful engines and can go for a speed of 70 miles/ hour within a short period of the race.

While Beach Buggy Blitz, on the other hand, is less competitive as compared to BB Racing. You’ll focus more on enjoyment, fun, and adventures in it. You’ll find wide tracks across the beaches. So, the Beach Buggy Blitz is the best choice for those who want more fun and enjoyment on the bank of the beach.

Level of customization

Another key aspect between these two games is of customization level. BB Racing requires those vehicles that are well known for high performance and speed because of the high competition in racing. While in bb blitz, you can easily select from the wider range of vehicles with flexibility. Because in this version, the main focus is to enjoy beaches scenery.

Level of Skills

One of the key differences between BB Racing and Beach Buggy Blitz is the level of skills. Beach buggy racing requires high skills to speed and control vehicles. It’d be best if you gained a top and unique position among your tough competitors to win the race. Otherwise, you will be kicked off the race.

During Beach Buggy Blitz, on the other hand, a beach buggy blitz doesn’t require a high level of skills. Because in this game main focus isn’t to win the race, players of all skills can play this game. You can play this game only for enjoyment and adventure.

Safety Requirements

The vehicles in bb racing are so speedy. While riding on these vehicles, you’ve to keep control of your vehicles; otherwise, you’ll be off the track and out of the race. While in the Beach Buggy blitz, you don’t need to take safety measures before riding. This game is only for adventures and fun.

Final Words

Beach Buggy Racing and Beach Buggy Blitz are two different games with unique qualities. These games offer you rich gaming experience. Though these are both racings, there are some differences between them: competition, customization, skills levels, safety issues, etc. Overall, both these games are superb for enjoyment.


Visit and download Beach Buggy Blitz.

Beach Buggy Blitz is offline, but to enjoy a few pro features, you’ve to be active on internet.

We can play Beach Buggy Blitz with our fellows to enjoy humans as our competitors.

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